Friday, February 15, 2013

Quilt Appraisals New and Old

It has been busy, busy around here. I've been working on quilts, wool applique projects and just recently finished a pretty cute Halloween themed punch needle. One of those quilts will be published in one of my favorite magazines this year. It's ready to be shipped to the publisher, but before that can happen, it needed to be appraised.

There are a variety of reasons to have quilts appraised. In this instance, for insurance purposes, my new quilt needed to be appraised for it's value in the case of loss or damage. My biggest concern when I ship my quilts off to their various destinations is what happens in transit.

Look at these photos of a box of my quilts, shipped back from a magazine photo shoot in France, when they arrived back to me. 

Gasp! When I saw the postwoman struggling to get this box out of her truck, with foam peanuts falling out onto the street, I thought I would be sick. Luckily for me and my quilts, the publisher shipped my quilts back in the heavy duty vinyl bags as I had requested of them. The vinyl bag was the only thing protecting my quilts after this box was practically destroyed during shipment! Even the peanuts wouldn't have been any protection. Thankfully, my quilts survived!

Here is another example of a box in which one of my quilts was shipped back to me:

Unfortunately, this time, my quilt was not shipped back in the heavy duty vinyl bag in which it had originally been encased by me to the publisher. In fact, it was not even wrapped at all! Again, somehow, my quilt was okay.

Yesterday, I had my new quilt appraised by my friend and local certified quilt appraiser, Karen Housner. We met at my local quilt store, 3 Dudes Quilting, who graciously loaned us their classroom for the appraisals.

In addition to appraising my new quilt, Karen also appraised an antique quilt I had purchased maybe six years ago. Yes, high time I had it appraised! I was curious, too, if I had made a good investment. If not, I really love this quilt. It's a redwork quilt, in very good condition, hand quilted, with a date, and the name "Mary" embroidered on it. The maker or the recipient, I may never know.

Karen Housner measuring my redwork quilt for appraisal
A closeup of the cute little gnomes


Each day of the week is represented by these hard-working teddy bears.

Yes, according to Karen's appraisal, I had indeed made a good investment! Although it's an added expense, having my quilts appraised definitely gives me a little bit of peace of mind in the unthinkable case of loss, theft or damage. I think it's also important for those around us to know the value in dollars and cents of these precious pieces of art!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of my 1908 redwork quilt!

Until next time,