Thursday, June 7, 2012

Boy Crazy!

I have always been a big fan of the magazine Quiltmania. So I am very excited to have one of my quilts published in one of their publications for the first time! "Boy Crazy" is pictured below, and the instructions to make the quilt can be found in Quiltmania's Special Children's Issue 2012, which should be reaching our newsstands here in the U.S. very soon. There is also a French edition, Quiltmania Hors-Serie Enfants 2012, which I have a feeling is already on European newsstands!

"Boy Crazy"

I like to design pieced quilts where I can incorporate a large variety of different prints. With my Boy Crazy block, it was so much fun to pick out the different prints for the shirts, hats, pants and backgrounds. You can add the optional appliqued buttons, too, just for fun! Each block in my quilt has a unique combination of prints. Here are some closeups of two of the blocks in the quilt:

Boy, that last picture is blurry! But we can be assured of beautiful photography in Quiltmania. I look forward to seeing my copy when it arrives from France!

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