Thursday, January 9, 2014

A trip to the Antique Textiles Company

Hello again, this time from London!

About six months ago I discovered the Antique Textiles Company on Facebook. Right away I could tell it was a very special shop. Never in a million years would I ever think that I would someday get to visit the shop in person.

But that is just what I did today.

I suppose that most people would immediately put on their "first to-do-when-in-London" list places such as Buckingham Palace (which happens to be across the park from my hotel), the Tower of London, Big Ben, etc., etc. But I have always been more interested in the everyday lives of people from times past and, of course quilts made by nameless men and women from times long ago, fit that category.

So, first on MY to-do list was to venture off to 
Hempstead in London to find the Antique Textiles Company. 

The streets of London are a maze to me...  


But, I found it! The quaint, charming, wonderland, the Antique Textiles Company!

Christopher Wilson-Tate is the proprietor of the shop, and his passion for, and knowledge about, old quilts and fabrics, was evident immediately.

Christopher graciously showed me many of his beautiful treasures, such as this beauty below, an early 1800's quilt covered with the most magnificent and beautiful crewelwork I have ever had the pleasure to see up close and in person. 

Christopher of Antique Textiles Company

Here are a few more photos of the outside of the shop, where you can catch little glimpses of more of the wonderful quilts piled high inside!

Me at the entrance to the Antique Textiles Company

And finally, a photo of a little corner of the treasure I came away with - a mosaic quilt top pieced with early nineteenth century fabrics....

That's all for now...this is my first blog post from a tablet out of town, so we'll see how it goes!

Until next time,


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