Monday, March 30, 2015

Enjoying Spring

For most of this month I worked on the first quilt for a future book. Here are some tester Blazing Star blocks and some final blocks for the quilt:

I came up with an unorthodox way to assemble this block with stress free results. The fun part (not) will be writing the instructions for it! Ha! The quilt is done, and I love the way it turned out.

I love to sit inside and stitch away, but I also need to get outside and enjoy a little sunshine. I've been trying to take advantage of the weather before it gets up to 1000 degrees here.

A little hiking.....

The so-called Lost Ranch Mine ruins
On the steep trail past the ruins

 And a little spring training baseball....

Dodgers vs. Angels program

And also this month, lucky me, for a special occasion, my husband bought me something I've always wanted - an antique thread cabinet.

Right now, I have the thread cabinet setting on top of my Grandma's treadle sewing machine cabinet. The quilt hanging is an 1840 crib quilt I purchased, and folded on top of the cabinet is "Practice", a four patch crib quit from my book, Be Merry.

Until next time,


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