Monday, March 14, 2022

So Far in 2022

Time flies when you move cross country, after packing up everything you've accumulated from living in the same place for 23 years. The quilts are finally unpacked, folded and put away or displayed, and in the past month I've even been able to do some stitching, which is a great feeling!


Last month Martingale Publishing released The Big Book of  Favorite Scrap Quilts:


And in it you'll find the pattern for my quilt, "Hill Country" 


"Hill Country" by Martha Walker

. . . along with a ton of other great scrap quilt designs to choose from. Here is just a sample of one of the quilts that caught my eye from the book:

"Halloween-ish" by Susan Ache

The new Simply Vintage magazine, Spring 2022, is also just out

. . . and I'm excited to have a punchneedle embroidery project included in this issue:

"1841 Pencil Box" by Martha Walker


I used beautiful Valdani 3 strand embroidery floss to punch the 1841 Pencil Box design. 

Spring is finally close at hand, birds are feathering their nests, and I will continue feathering my own nest!

Until next time,


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