Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Basket of Blooms Punch Needle - Two Colorways, Two Sizes

Just released, my newest punch needle pattern, Basket of Blooms, has two colorways included, as well as two sizes for each colorway. When I designed the pattern, I couldn't decide which colorway, so I decided to just make both. I made the larger sized version (9" x 12") with red and green on a black background:

Basket of Blooms Punch Needle

I made the smaller version, with a size of 6" x 7 3/4", in the lighter colorway, with the shades of red and green to emulate the colors of a faded antique hooked rug:

Basket of Blooms Punch Needle

Both of the Basket of Blooms tapestries are punched entirely using the beautifully variegated Valdani threads.

For the larger Basket of Blooms, I needed a frame instead of a hoop. At first I purchased carding strips and made my own, but I wasn't happy with it. After using it for awhile, I decided to purchase this beautifully handcrafted 18" x 18" frame on Etsy, from the shop Beecreekltd:

I added the handle so that I could turn the frame with ease, as well as pick it up to move it around. Those carding strips can be sharp! A second handle on an adjacent side would have been even better, but at the time, I was anxious to get my tapestry completed.

When punching the design, I place the frame on a low, plastic top table. I can turn the frame around easily, as it just slides on the plastic, and I don't have to worry about harming a different surface, such as wood.

The pattern is available as a paper pattern mailed to you, or as a PDF download.


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